Monday, 3 July 2017


"Four chefs call on their culinary skills as they face off against one another to prepare a spectacular three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, entree and dessert. The catch? In each round, they have to use all the ingredients the show provides them, however unlikely they might be.   At the end of each course, a panel of three guest judges "chops" one chef who fails to measure up in terms of taste, presentation and creativity. The last chef standing takes home bragging rights and a cool $10,000. "

 show synopsis for "CHOPPED" -wikipedia

Last year I ordered this gas range from
in Valencia Spain
Of course when it came, it was looking brand spanking shiny and new which was not what I was needing for my  villa's kitchen so I dulled the finish with a little watered down black acrylic paint and lead pencil, 
I like OLD

I had the stove in the kitchen trying to work out a floor plan etc. and basically just killing time by fooling around, 
trying to avoid making a commitment to the wiring or gluing the walls, floors and the staircase into place.

Dry fitting is only good up to a certain point but eventually you 

 I was gradually working up to it, 
but before I did, 
I decided to play with the stove by using some of the food and kitchen accessories which I've been saving for it.  
And before long, 
I found myself  
to be 
what initially began as a few photos just for the heck of it,
turned into full out 
mini cooking show segment, 
using some familiar and unfamiliar ingredients which I found inside various "mystery storage boxes"
These ingredients included chalks, inks, dyes, sponge,  and 
(an ingredient which I've been too chicken to use until now.) 

For 2 days, it was a gastronomic feast of 
food experimentation. 

but before I get started-

please check out the gas stove at Galchi's miniatures

I love Galchi's Russian kitchen for a number of different  reasons, and I Love
 her old gas range with a blue gas flame in her 
 stove top- 
what a great detail!  
I wanted to see if I could achieve similar results with my own gas stove, 
I was not about to compromise this particular aga, 
so I had to think of an alternative method-
  the following is what I came up with: 

These are battery powered LED earring studs which Fatima ordered on line quite a while ago.

 ( found a listing on Amazon for those who are interested )

Frankly, I don't know who would wish to wear these as lights in their ears since

they look like headlights, but that's beside the point. 
I removed the stone by bending back the prongs and then cut them off as close to the center hub as I could
You can see how tiny the LED light chip is 

I colored the light with a blue Sharpie 
I drilled a hole into the bottom of a plastic pot
and fed the light into the bottom

I pushed the battery pack onto the post from the inside of the pot, then hooked the pot onto the grill of the stove.
Now I'm Really Cookin' with GAS! 

Here's a Grated cheese board by
Erzsebet Bozse of Hungarian Miniatures
Erzsebet's cheese board is the first ingredient I found in my CHOPPED MYSTERY BASKET  
‎                                                         and now
                            LET'S SEE WHAT ELSE WAS WAITING INSIDE the                                     CHOPPED PANTRY              
A basket of fresh vegetables which was made by Janine back in the 90's
I've been waiting to use it Forever, and I think that it will fit right in 

and so 
by using Janine's veggies, and adding Erzsebet's grated cheese, I was ready for -

 I had already made some olives which I showed in my earlier post- Dining al Fresco 
My intention had always been to display the olives in brine, so 
I decided that I would finally swallow my fears, and try out the 2 part resin which I've had on stand-by for 
quite a long time.
 It was easy but messy.  
*Next time I'll wear latex gloves because it got all over my fingers no matter how careful I tried to be.* :( 
With the clock still ticking,
I mixed up a small batch of resin for the brine then stirred in the olives


 I still had lots of time and some resin left over, so I mixed up a batch of grainy stuff ( powdered $1 store clothes dye and sand) with some red glass paint and the resin and got a pretty good representation of a fresh tomato sauce, so half of my menu was now done.

I chopped up some railroad model lichen for the cilantro to use as a garnish and filled a smaller bowl using more resin,  
points for presentation 
I was on a roll! 

the next day, I found that my bowl of stewed tomatoes had leveled out and now looked more like tomato paste 
arrrggh ><
I had to keep moving because my time was almost up! 

I made "beef patties" 
from air dry clay, sand, paint 
and glued them onto plastic wrap

By gluing the beef to the plastic wrap I could add "drippings" without damaging the interior of the fry pan.

             clean up would be a breeze! 

after browning the beef in the pan, I added the tomato paste, olives and cheese and garnished it with the cilantro and served it on slices of toasted french bread with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

I Just made it before the clock ran out! 

I finished the first round and made it through 

to the next one without getting chopped.
 onto the 


I began with a polenta
Made with the yellow Play-doh, sand and sealer found inside my CHOPPED basket. 

I made the Polenta for the starch 
decided to do a roasted chicken as my main course 

using the
 porcelain bisque chicken forms 
also found inside the mystery basket.

Below are the original raw bisque forms.

The yellow dye is used in soap making and was purchased at Michaels

I thinned the dye with water which I applied on the bisque  with a brush then painted over that with grated brown and orange chalks mixed with water for the browning the cooked chicken.
I textured it with fine dark sand mixed with glass paints, then glued the bird onto a circle of clear plastic wrap which was also painted with glass paint and more sand. 
 I reduced a"basting broth" for the bird from a mix of water, yellow ink and grated chalk, simmered it in the copper saucepan (which was a gift from from Linda Park, 
with a ladle, which was a gift from Fatima.)
I was so focused on reducing the sauce that I nearly forgot about 
the chicken still roasting in the oven! 

 I made a matching stew pot from a copper end cap from 
The Home Depot, and made the handles using 
fishing clevises 
purchased from the local bait and tackle shop.
Things were moving along fine. I had vegetables boiling in the kettle almost ready to drain- 
but then, 
the HOST called out


It was too late 
to plate up the vegetables!

 I presented the chicken with the polenta along with a generous serving of the reduced balsamic wine sauce.

After debating between themselves for a while, 
the panel of judges said that although they missed having the vegetables, 
they LOVED the flavors of the crispy roasted chicken with the wine sauce over the polenta,

and so thankfully
I didn't get 

Hooray for me!!! :D

                                     I've made it into the 
                                  FINAL ROUND- 
                 "THE DESSERT COURSE"

This time inside my Chopped mystery basket
I found a package of light switch sealers, (used for insulation behind the cover plates), glue, glass paint, acrylic paint and chalk.  I quickly decided that for my dessert, I would make a 3 layered sponge cake with a rich chocolate frosting and a raspberry jelly filling between the layers- 
here's the recipe for the cake:

The cake layers were cut from the sponge insulation

For the jelly between the layers, I mixed Glossy Accents dimensional glue with a few small drops of Crimson glass paint by Pebeo

I spread the jelly onto the sponge cake layers. 

Once the cake was assembled I made A DARK CHOCOLATE FROSTING with
Liquitex Soft Body acrylic paint in BURNT UMBER.

After it was dry, I glossed it with Mod Podge and sliced the cake to show the layers then presented it to the judges.
And although they raved about the Flavor and the Creativity  
 I lost points for Presentation because I didn't include an any extra raspberry sauce and /or whipped cream with the cake 
I neglected to use the chalk which was still inside the basket! 

and yet
 looking on the bright side
I had fun being on the show 
who knows-

I might even get invited back!
 how cool is that? 
Thanks for watching!



  1. It's dinner and a show on your blog!!! I love the food. Only you would think of using the light switch foam for cake. Brilliant!! And now I want some cake to eat!

  2. Thank You KAT! I'm sure GLAD that you were one of the Judges on the panel! :D
    and I'm Very Happy that you like the cake- I can guarantee that the texture of it is nice and LIGHT! ;) heehee


  3. Okay, you're hilarious. I couldn't stop giggling so this post is NSFW

    The food looks delicious. You definitely should have won the $10K.

    And now I'm hungry.

  4. Well Sheila, you never really know what the Judges are looking for, do you? I knew that I made some major gaffs in the first 2 rounds, but they put me through to the dessert level anyway. However in retrospect, I should have made use of the Ice Cream machine because that ALWAYS gets you the $10k prize money!
    I'll make sure that I remember that the next time, for whenever they decide to have the returning CHOPPED LOSERS episode :D hahahaha

    Thanks for your comment! :D


  5. FANTASTIC idea with the earring studs for the gas! I’ve been tempted with those earrings myself for mini makes so I might have to add them to my list now – the scale of the LED chip has great potential!

    Another good plan for the ‘drippings’ – you can switch the mixture out whenever you liked! (also, that polenta and cake looks SO GOOD, you don’t understand how hungry I am right now - I may need to go and make myself a midnight snack!)

    I have great plans for my future 6th scale kitchen and cafe/restaurant but right now my main problem is lack of space, and PLATES! I don't have any the right scale! :(

    1. Hi Christine and Thank You for enjoying the "faux gas" in the gas range!
      I have had these studs since around Christmas but wasn't sure what to do with them, but remembering Glachi's gas burner got me to thinking of how I could do the same- before it came to me. I was fortunate to already have a pot in my stash which was deep enough to contain and conceal the back of the stud, something to keep in mind if and when you try this yourself/
      Your kitchen and cafe/ restaurant sound Really Interesting but have you searched ebay for the right size plates? It seems to me that some of the Asian wholesale craft sites would be a likely source for what you might be looking for.
      I find that the search is HALF the Fun!!!! :D


    2. I'll definitely keep that in mind, thanks!

      I have and so far everything's really expensive. :/ I'm a total cheapskate so I'm trying to spend the absolute least amount of money I can, ahaha!
      I hadn't tried any of the big wholesalers though, just ebay so far, so I might have a rummage through some of them just in case! if not I'll try making some from fimo or thin card - I've seen quite a few tutorials for both!

  6. What a wonderfully creative post! I love how you brought us through this delightful culinary tale and left my mouth watering!
    The LED gas light makes me giddy! I want to show it to everyone in the house!
    I always learn so much about how to think outside an items intended purpose, and how you experiment with art supplies to make the most amazing and realistic creations is thrilling! Thank you so much for sharing the luscious eye vittles and your engaging wit and talent!
    I am truly excited to see that tantalizing Aga with all it's accouterments in the Villa Leone kitchen!

    1. I am SO GLAD that you have enjoyed this post Jodi, I Thank You! :D
      I really enjoy writing and story-telling and often surprise myself with how a post will begin one way then end in another direction altogether. This post for example began with a desire to show what little progress was happening inside the Villa's kitchen and the food items I had planned to display in the room if I ever get it finished.
      But eventually the kitchen's "progress" got scrapped and I kept the stove and focused only on the food then CHOPPED story sprang to life because frankly, it is my ALLTIMEFAVORITECOOKINGSHOW of all time! :D
      and who hasn't secretly wished to be the Star of their own cooking show at some point in their lives, hmmmm? ;)


    2. Yes, I'll admit... I do a much better job cooking if I pretend that all of the neighbors are watching me through the windows! ;O)

    3. Oh Yah I hear you!!! hahhaha :D

  7. I do love your posts :) Everything is insanely realistic and you are so fun! Drat, those judges are tough, I thought you should have definitely won grand prize (though I admit I had to hurriedly scroll past the chicken) SOOO creative, well done--- ps the blue flame, brilliant!

    1. Thank You Very Much Linda for your comment and Always for Generous compliments! :D
      I hope that the sight of the roast chicken was not too disturbing for you. I remember my mother telling me that she would never eat rabbit because when she was a child she had a pet bunny-
      These things you never forget.
      Meanwhile, I am glad that you liked the blue flame- I was pretty proud of how that turned out too! :D


  8. Quel repas époustouflant !!! Et savoureux !
    Le gâteau est simple à faire, utiliser des éponges, est une excellente idée ! Je suis fâchée avec la fimo ;)
    La flamme bleue du gaz ... là, je suis éberluée !
    Pas sympathiques les juges, tu devais gagner.
    Un message très amusant et très instructif, merci Elizabeth !
    Amicalement. Joce

    1. Thank YOu for enjoying the various foods Joce!
      I'm not a big fan of FIMO either, but making the olives was not at all difficult; only tedious :/
      Meanwhile the cake was sooooo quick and easy and so much fun to "bake". The sponge is lovely to work with and cuts really clean, so I hope that you will give it a try.
      I think that you could easily find a place for cake in your Lovely Provencal Kitchen, or better yet - on the covered terrace of your farmhouse sharing coffee and a friend :D


    2. I meant to say "WITH a friend" not " AND a friend"

      one word changes everything hahahaha :D

  9. How fun! This post makes me smile. You always give me such good ideas. You have also made me, like the others, genuinely HUNGRY.

    1. Hi Keli! :D I am Glad to hear that you've enjoyed this post and that you have found some useful information in it.
      I make so much food in miniature that I keep running out of storage bins!
      I find that making food is both Fun and Relaxing and provides a legitimate distraction from hard construction which I find to be NO FUN at all :(

      elizabeth :D

  10. Oh oh oh, wI had big fun for reading your post, Elizabeth, do you know why..? I can see it in front of me: Mrs. E. armed with her apron and cooking utensils, ranning through her kitchen, busy with red cheeks and sweat on her head and in her hands, cooking for the jury while the clock was ticking.......this was such a COOL post, so creative, original and soooo funny, but also very instructive!! My jury report is: I've learned alot about making miniature food and your ingredients are perfect for a making a good and tasteful meal :D!
    Thanks alot for sharing your joy, creatvity and knowledge with us, dear Elizabeth.
    Wishing you loads of fun and a lovely day, my friend!

    1. I LOVE the picture you have presented of me in the CHOPPED kitchen running like a madwoman " with red cheeks and sweat on my head and in my hands" hahahhahahhahhahahhahahha :D YES INDEED!
      And if I have made you smile as you have enjoyed this post, then know for a fact that you have done The Same for me with your comment. Thank You Ilona and I'm wishing you a Marvelous and a TASTY week ahead! :D


  11. It's always fun to read your posts :)
    Thank you again for all the useful tutorials.
    Looking at your improbable and at the same time delicious food, I guess that you are a gourmet cook in real life ;)

    1. You are Most Welcome Ersilia to the information in my tutorials.
      On a personal note: I must say this to you while I have this opportunity, that I will ALWAYS be grateful To YOU for your very early support of my blog- you might not realize just how much that meant to me then, as it still does. ♡
      But as far as being a gourmet cook in Real Life- NO I am not! I am a "make it up as you go" kinda cook. I rarely follow a recipe to the letter and keep my fingers crossed once the food is in the oven. In other words, I cook in Real Life as I cook in mini- on impulse and with a lot of improvisation. ;)


  12. Wow Elisabeth
    Stunning, amazing I am speechles. So well thought and made. My compliments.

    1. Thank You Very Much Farmor!!!! :D
      It ALWAYS makes me happy when my readers enjoy the posts and find something within them which connects and that they can relate to.
      And we ALL enjoy FOOD! :D


  13. Merci Elizabeth de nous faire rire avec votre article. Je reste émerveillé par vos astuces, par exemple l'idée de la boucle d'oreille pour le gaz et l'éponge pour le gâteux au chocolat.
    Pour moi vous avez gagné le 1er prix du réalisme pour vos aliments et de la beauté pour vos photos qui me font toujours penser à des tableaux de maîtres.
    Bon appétit!


    1. For me Jean-Claude, "if there is a WILL then there is a WAY". I'd admired Glachi's gas stove with the blue flame for months and months. I knew that any attempt to tamper with my stove would be disastrous so the only other option was to build the light into the pot. The downside of course is that there is now not only a hole in the pot but also that not all pots should have holes drilled into them. ;)
      It was a worthwhile experiment nonetheless and I am Glad to be able to pass it on.
      The sponge cake was made as a past promise to show how I make them. It took me a year to keep my word but now that it is done I can cross that tutorial off my list once and for all, but how MARVELOUS to receive a First Prize from you for all of my efforts- THANK YOU Jean-Claude
      VERY MUCH! :D

      p.s. pkg. still not here :(

  14. Buongiorno donna Elizabetha,
    That was the best episode of chopped ever!!!
    What can I say? Everything looks just amazing. I could write a comment as long as your post about all the amazing food, but in order to keep it short, everything is amazing, and my very favorites are the cake, the chicken, and the genius idea for the pilot light. Well done my friend, sei bravissima!
    Big hug
    Don Giacomo

    1. As they like to say backstage: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! ♡
      I Thank You Don Giacomo for your WONDERFUL compliment and I must say that I enjoyed this broadcast of "CHOPPED" too! ;)
      I have seen some of the specialty cakes you've created in REAL LIFE Don Giacomo, so a compliment regarding my version is HIGH PRAISE indeed!!! :D
      Mille grazie al mio amico ♡

      donna elizabetha

  15. This post is full of brilliant ideas Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing them and inspiring us all. I love the gas light, very clever and the You were robbed of the first prize! :0)

    1. Thank You Pepper but I was up against some stiff competitors, so I shall accept my defeat as gracefully as I can. Beside the $10,000 prize was only monopoly money and where can one spend that??? :/
      Even so, it felt good to be a contestant on my FAVORITE cooking show. :))
      I wasn't sure if the gas light was going to work so it makes me VERY HAPPY that it did, even if it is exclusive to that pot, but if anyone is building a stove from the ground up, the pilot light is an easy added feature if you can plan for it in advance.
      Thank You for your comment and for your compliment Pepper- and for that added vote too! ;D


  16. Elizabeth, ELIZAbeth,.... ELIZABETH....!!! I don't even know where to Start with a comment to this Fabulous, fantastic, freakin' Awe-inspiring post...!!! You MADE that Copper pot???? Please explain again... I want to know what glue you used... and that thingy for the handles??? And the Flame for the stove..... from a Battery pack Earring.... inserted upside down in the bottom of the pot..... OMG!!! YOU are Genius!!! It is just amazing and so humbling to watch you create when you are on a Roll!!! The sauces.... the patties in the pan on plastic wrap... the "sponge" cake.... I am sitting here, (hungry) breathless, jaw hanging open.... In this ONE post you threw maybe twenty or Thirty "recipes" in front of us.... sand, paint, dimensional glue, chalk, resin, foam, earrings, fishing tackle..... hey....even copper pipe fittings and graphite pencils!!!! I think you win the PRIZE hands down for sheer brazen gumption and unbelievably gorgeous realistic results!!!! "Chopped" has just taken on a Whole new meaning.... and Your "Chops" can't be beat!!! :):):) (When can I come over to eat at Your house?)

    1. Hello my Dearest Betsy! :D Reading the Enthusiasm in your comments makes me feel the excitement of cooking in miniature, all over again! ♡ :D
      To answer your questions in order: The copper pot is an end cap found in the plumbing department of T H D. The handles are fishing clevises, which come as chrome horseshoe shapes with flat ends. This tip was one I'd read about a long time ago, but hunt as I might, I was unable them anywhere Except at a sportsman's Bait And Tackle shop. The ends of the clevises are easily shaped to the contours of the pot. I glued them in place with 5 minute 2 part epoxy, and added tiny gold beads to the handles for the bolts and a brass plate to the front of the pot, for decoration. The lid actually belongs to the frying pan, but it happen to also fit the kettle.
      It makes me feel VERY HAPPY that you have enjoyed this mini episode of CHOPPED, Betsy dear. I had such a Gas putting it all together and then playing with all of the food.
      Last summer I had promised to do a tutorial on how I made cakes from sponges and I always want to keep my word so it became necessary to try and include as much as I could into this one post but in such a way that it didn't come off as though reading a grocery list.
      and I am soooo Glad that you've enjoyed this segment as much as you have! ♡:))


  17. Your post is so funny, Elizabeth! Love all the food, chicken, cake...
    Experiment with supplies as sponge are really great! And the idea with earring and leds for the gas... amazing.
    Thank you for tutorials! Have a good day!

    1. Nono, Look for my reply below Marjorie's

  18. Elizabeth, I LOVE this fun post! And I love that red Aga! (I'm glad you added some wear and tear; it looks very old, very used, and much loved.) The blue gas flame has got to be one of the most ingenious, creative devices I've ever seen! How did you even go about THINKING of how to make that? I stand in awe. I laughed at the interesting list of "ingredients" for your food items. You concocted an amazing variety of fabulous food from those ingredients - which shows what a creative genius you are, especially when you're "on a roll." All the food looks edible and delectable, but I'm partial to polenta, so that dish stole my heart, along with the real sponge "sponge" cake - another imaginative masterpiece. All your food entries are a resounding success - I'm filled with admiration, and I think you should definitely have that $10,000 prize!

    1. Hello Marjorie! I don't know how I managed to miss your comment so I apologize for the delay in responding. :O

      Writing this post was a Treat for me because CHOPPED is probably my VERY FAVORITE cooking show. So much so that I can do a marathon of back to back episodes for hours on end, so pretending to be a contestant getting whilst getting the opportunity to play with the old gas stove and the mini pots and pans was heaven. Initially I was rather hesitant about aging the aga but in the end I just had to do it, but I had to draw the line about drilling any kind of hole in the cooker so the only other option was to drill through the pot. I am glad that that idea worked out so well because I am rather fond of that stew pot and wouldn't have wanted a hole in it for any other reason. ;D
      I'm really happy about the way the foods turned out too although I am better at sweets than savory. Cooking the chicken was a new venture but I almost burned it!
      The sponge cake was something I've done before but this triple layer with the plate insulation was one of the EASIEST I've ever done. The sponge is the Perfect density and cuts clean without compressing and looks exactly as it should.
      So, even though I LOST the prize money, I still feel like this post was a Winner and I am SO GLAD that you think so too! ♥ :D
      Thanks for your Wonderful comment Marjorie- I ALWAYS enjoy hearing from you!


  19. Hello Nono! :D
    I am Delighted that you have enjoyed this post Nono and that you like all of the food items as well! It was you who'd asked me over a year ago about how I made the chocolate cake which I posted and I told you at the time that I would be doing a tutorial on it. I am sorry that it took so long to get around to posting it but I hope it was worth the wait? :D
    I LOVE experimenting with arts n' craft supplies and mixing them up with other unlikely elements. Some things work and others don't but for this post, the LED idea worked out perfectly- Whew!
    Enjoy the week ahead Nono and Thank You Very Much for your comment! :D


  20. Hi Elizabeth,
    What a great post. Funny and full of helpful and brave use of "ingredients" that others would not dare use.
    All well onboard - entering Champagne country.
    Hugs and love.

  21. Hi Janine!!! :D
    I am so Very Happy to see your face here and Very Pleased that you have enjoyed this post! I have been waiting patiently to showcase you veggie basket and I hope that you've enjoyed seeing it again in what will eventually be the Villa's kitchen.:)
    The weather is still sunny and warm albeit a few degrees cooler which suits me fine! Hope your boat is feeling more comfortable now too, and that the kids are still enjoying themselves?
    When you've finally settled yourselves in Champagne country, make sure to have a glass of the pink bubbly, on me! ;D
    Looking forward to your eventual return ♡


  22. Wow! I love the little ligth the stove. Cute.

    1. Thank You Monica! I am Really Happy about how easy it was to do and how realistic that gas flames looks! :D


  23. You had better be back for a redemption episode!! My favourite contestant in the show's history by far!! I learned so much from your cooking skills Elizabeth, and that cake looks divine. The blue light in the pot is genius, because you only really ever need the gas light when you have a pot on! I laughed so much! Just fabulous!

    Dry-fitters forever buddies! I am so so glad to hear I'm not the only one. I'm going to tell my boyfriend this. He is convinced I'm the only miniaturist to try and build an entire dollhouse without glue. haha! We'll get there! Have a great week!

  24. Reading your comment made ME laugh out loud Kristine! :D
    I have a commitment phobia and I think that it is perfectly justified because whenever I get something glued down permanently, that is when I think of something else that would have worked better! Who can continue to live this way though?
    Nevertheless, I found it extremely comforting to KNOW that I am not the only one who has this secret problem= Dry-fitters anonymous anyone?
    But I am Very Proud though of the way the cake turned out and I hope you noticed the bit on the end of the fork- YUM! :D
    The blue light also made me Happy because as you say, you wouldn't have the gas on without a pot on top of it, so although it is harder to see because of the width of the pot, just knowing it is there gives me a warm fuzzy inside.
    All in all, this was a fun way to kill time and delay the inevitable, which by the way I am FORCING myself to address.
    The glue bottle is now out and on the table, but I think that I shall need a couple of more days before I remove the cap;
    so wish me luck! ;)

    elizabeth :D

  25. Your gas range with your aging transformation is fantastic. How clever you are to have managed to find how to get gas on your stove. The result is awesome. All the food looks so real, amazing work and scenes.
    I'm glad you saw the photo taken at the SIMP, it was wonderful to meet friends from so far away. Now you know me a bit better.

    1. Thank You VERY much for your comment regarding aging the gas range, Genevieve. ♥ I hesitated for a long time as to whether I should take the plunge and age the cooker or leave it looking new. In the end I considered what would work best in the surroundings and with the storyline, therefore having a brand new looking stove in an old Past It's Prime kitchen wasn't practical.
      ( I only hope that Menutmon doesn't ever seen this post and what has become of his handiwork- YIKES ) :((
      Meanwhile, I am glad that you like the food on the stove. I had a lot of fun staging those various scenes on a limited surface and so I am looking forward to the time when I shall be able to load up the kitchen counter tops too.
      Thank You again for your comment Genevieve. I'd say that even though we are far fiends, there is only 2 degrees of separation between us now ;)


  26. What an amazing, creative, brilliant, funny and inspiring post.
    It is really, really difficult to take in that from the fantastic cooker to the last crumb it's all make believe!
    Thank you so much

    1. Oh Thank YOU Robin!!! :D I do my best to try and make the posts as entertaining as I can and hopefully "inspirational" too. :)
      I have so much fun making mini foods although most of them never see the light of day. Even so making them relaxes me as well as distracts me;
      and I am very easily distracted :0

      elizabeth ;D

  27. Wow!! I second, third and fourth Robin's comment. Your blog is one I look at each day to see what adventure you have posted. I love your stories.

  28. Forgot to say. There will probably be a run on LED earrings.

    1. Thank You Cynthia for your Really lovely comment! ♥ It makes me feel good to know that you are enjoying my many mini adventures, because I certainly enjoy writing about them! :D
      And you may be right about there being a run on LED earrings - let's hope so ;)


  29. You have many simple and fun ideas.
    This new creation is wonderful, for a perfect cook.

    1. Yes indeed Faby! The ingredients are very simple and definitely FUN! :D
      And I hope that after you've tried it once that you will be able to make other versions of the layer cakes and will let your imagination run wild! ;D


  30. Replies
    1. Thank You Very Much for saying so!!! :D Since I love making mini foods and love mini kitchen accessories, writing this post was Most Enjoyable for me too! :D


  31. !!!! Absolutamente genial !!!!

    1. Thank You VERY Much Eloisa for your Wonderful Compliment! I don't know that I am a "genius" but it sure is nice for you to say so! ;D


  32. You had me biting my nails :D
    I have never heard of LED ear rings, bur I might have to look them up now!

    1. hahahahahaha :D I can see that you were right into the story Susanna- Thank You! :D
      I've looked on the package to see if there was a web site that I could forward onto to, but all it says is that these studs are Platube CZ earrings made in China. I know that Fatima ordered them on line and when she gets back from her holidays, I'll see if I can find out more info and if I do, then I'll insert it into this posting.
      Meanwhile, GOOD LUCK with your search :D


  33. Your gas range looks a lot better than the original!!!
    I like your copper pots......the look gerät..... wow!!

  34. Whooo Hooo!!!! :D I Thank You VERY MUCH Sigrid, for your Kind words about the gas range!!! ♥ I took a chance in aging the aga and tried to make it look well used and well loved without it appearing too battered. Sometimes it is difficult to know when to stop so I took it slow but in the end I am satisfied with the way the rage looks too! ;D
    And I LOVE the copper cookware and will be looking to add more to my collection because as with dollhouse china, I feel you can never have Enough! :D


    1. I had to laugh .... you even have gas in the stove. This is wonderful !!!!I told my husband *g*
      I also love copper pots..... but mine are not so beautiful :o)

    2. FYI- I've just included a link in this post for the LED EARRINGS which I was able to find through Amazon.

      And re copper pots: One of my best friends loves copper cookware, and it's because of her that I have begun seriously collecting it too . I also like cast iron cookware both in Real Life as well as in miniature but copper in mini always looks warmer. :)

  35. Me has dejado alucinada con tus recetas. ¿Pero como has podido perder?

    1. I LOVE to mix and match ingredients Isabel so making the recipes was A LOT of fun for me. The most challenging was remembering to write them down for future reference. ;D
      Unfortunately, for me, the CHOPPED judges were a lot more critical of my efforts than my blog friends are, so Thank You for YOUR generous vote of Approval! :D


  36. Thank you Elisabeth ...... it is a great feeling to see your own miniatures in a magazine :o)

  37. You have certainly cooked up a storm Elizabeth! Wish someone would cook that for me! I lve that green damask wallpaper, very cool. As is the light in the bottom of the pan - ingenious! And it looks so effective. I love it when you get on one those rolls and get sooo much done, it makes you feel great. Enjoy your weekend!

  38. I LOVE the green damask wallpaper! I have to say though that I went through about 7 different patterns before I finally committed to it, and I think that it will work even better once the cupboards and shelves are installed, but that event is still at a distance. *sigh*
    However when it does happen, I shall have LOTS of food for the counter tops and for on top of the stove! ;D
    Thank You for enjoying the light in the stove top, Shannon! It not only turnout to look just as I had hoped but it has also given me the incentive to get back to the work regarding completing the rest of the main floor, so that I can get to play with the stove again. :D
    Hope that you enjoy your weekend too and Oh by the way, My Congratulations to you on winning Lidi's French basket- it couldn't have gone to a nicer new home! :)


  39. Hooray to your mystery storage boxes... could also be called treasure chests in my opinion. Isn't it great that some time a use can be found for almost everything - if combined with a brilliant crafter and artist who turns a lighted earring (I didn't even know stuff like this exists) into the illusion of gas cooking. You are always an inspiration... and according to me you deserved first prize. Who needs cream puff when enjoying such a delicious cake? Oh my, I'm hungry now... but before I'll have a talk with my stomache reminding it that it's too late around here to go for meat patties, chicken or sponge cake I need to tell you that I always enjoy not only the excellent miniatures and how-to you're showing but also the way you're always weaving a brilliant story around it.


    1. Greeting Birgit, and Thank You Sooooo MUCH for your VERY GENEROUS Comment! ♥
      I had an Enormous Amount of fun writing this post and having people respond to it as positively as they have, is that extra bit of whipped cream with a cherry on top! :)
      It feeds my ego and my swelled head to read your comment Birgit nevertheless, I am sincerely happy that you have enjoyed the story.

      I'd better get back to work on the villa and try to get something more done on it, since actual WORK always brings me back down to earth.
      Have a TERRIFIC weekend my friend :D


  40. Your work is amazing! The best I've seen thus far with this type of miniatures.

  41. Thank YOU Very Much for your comment and for your LOVELY words of Encouragement Lisa! :D I have such a great time writing these posts and it makes me Very Happy when they meet with such Enthusiastic Approval from my readers. :D


  42. it sucks that you didnt win because of the chalk but I can see how you would run out of time for the desert round. (I can never be on chopped due to my unfortunate upbringing *mom forced me to cook* I would probably go insane and start throwing things at everyone) thats probably why I stay away from cooking shows. Now that I work Days again Rich comes home and asks me what I cooked..most of the time I say nothing. 2 years of working 2nd shift and he thinks I should start cooking now that Im on days..HAHAHAH..silly man. or and thanks for the tip for using plastic wrap to save your pans. I'll be using that a lot.


    1. Poor Rich! I hope by now he's learned to stop by Kentucky Fried on his way home! ;D
      Not everyone enjoys cooking and although I don't dislike it, I would rather not be bothered- unless it is cooking in mini! I find that when I cook for Real, I taste until I'm full- not such a good thing if you are trying to loose weight. Cooking in mini has far less calories and you can make as much as you want, eat it with your eyes and it doesn't spoil either. Winner Winner Chicken dinner! :D


  43. I had fun reading your post. Your writing style is fun. You can never know what's going to happen next. Your experiments are very ingeious. We have to guess,do you succeed right away or with a new try. However, it is clear that the resultis always perfect.
    This time I could have added wipped cream on your cake plate.

    1. I am DE-LIGHTED that you had fun reading this post Sirkka! :D I like telling stories where it gets you curious as to the outcome so Thank You for the Lovely comment and for enjoying the results, which makes me feel Very Happy! :D


  44. What an entertaining post this was - I so enjoyed reading it I read it again! We are bombarded with foodie programmes here too so this is very timely. I'd love to see your stash of bits, that would probably be a post all on it's own!

    1. I am ALWAYS happy to entertain you Irene and I am Very Pleased that you have enjoyed this post! :D
      I used to watch TONS of foodie programs but now I usually stick to re-runs of CHOPPED, although I was a TOP CHEF fan for many years too.
      Regarding my stash of bits: In-between mini making, I spend much of my time hunting for things which I KNOW I have and can't find and in the process of futile searching, I am finding things which I had entirely forgotten I had! Age doesn't help. So in short, I would LOVE to see all of the bits in my stash too! ;D


  45. Here I am at last. Your post was WONDERFUL and your creative genius was shining through as usual. Love the gas light! I was going to ask to see the Aga last week but somehow I think there was some talking going on and I forgot!! The cake looks fantastic, as does the chicken, polenta, etc. You will certainly win the &10,000 next time!
    Hugs, Linda

    1. Hi Linda!!!:D
      Glad you made it here and Thank You Very Much for your comment! :D
      The gas light was Fun to do and I am so happy that it turned out to be just as I had hoped it would. I LOVED Galchi's gas light in her stove so by having mine come via the stock pot, it became a different approach with a similar result. I'm sorry that I didn't think to show you the stove when you were here. It is solidly made and has quite a lot of weight to it even though it is made from plastics.
      I don't know if I'll ever be back inside the CHOPPED kitchens again. Sadly, I think I missed my one chance at the brass ring and that $10k prize; boo hoo.... :(
      However now I've decided to focus ALL of my efforts into getting the Villa's Italian kitchen ready to roll, with the aim to do some serious Mini Chopping then. ;D


  46. This post should earn you much more than a measly $10,000 cooking show is priceless! Your sense of humour adds so much charm to the ever so useful ideas you come up with and follow through on. I marvel at your imaginative and creative displays and would love a chance to have a box of treasures such as those you have in your stash! Ingenious solution to the oven's gas light. As usual this post is going to be reread and dreamed are a wonderful and much admired miniaturist who inspires me in so very many ways! Thank you for sharing your ideas, methods, and creativity with those of us that can use a not-so-gentle reminder to 'think outside the box'! Cheers, Alayne

    1. Awwww, Thank You VERy MUch Alayne for your Super Generous compliments! :D
      I love to share ideas ESPECIALLY when they work, however a lot of what is in my stash are my rejects and my failures! I keep most of them so that I can remember what I did and why they didn't work. :(
      I make mountains of mini foods to relax my mind and since I have a surplus of them it goes to show you how over anxious I tend to be. Even so, reading your lovely comment puts a Big Smile on my face and keeps me focused on striving to maintain the teaching content as a priority for this blog.
      Blessings! ♥


  47. It's always a big pleasure to visit your blog! Thank you Elizabeth for this very enjoyable post! Everybody should eagerily start experimenting with different mediums after reading this. Your gas cooker is marvellous as every setting of cleverly made food items. You have utilised resin (and many other things) the way at least I havent't seen earlier.

  48. I am Really Happy that you have enjoyed this posting Ritta and you have a lovely way of expressing yourself so Thank You Very Much! :D
    Experimenting with the resins was a new thing for me and so I'm sure that with more confidence and experience I'll improve and won't make such a mess however as introduction it WAS a lot of fun! :D


  49. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    Моя улыбка зацепилась за уши! :) :) :) :) Ах, дорогая Элизабет! Вы неистощимый фейерверк! Вы радуете, удивляете и завораживаете нас! Такой замечательный пост. Вы подарили мне радость и желание творить! Я не согласна с вашими судьями. Есть такое выражение: " Судью на мыло" :) :) :) Ваша курица выглядит очень аппетитно. Ваши эксперименты со смолой очень удачны. А торт!!!!! Я знаю , кто самый лучший повар теперь!:) :) :)
    И конечно, гениальная идея с газовой горелкой! Спасибо за этот праздник для желудка! :) :) :)

    1. Your Wonderful words are like Music to my ears Tatiana, and winning your compliments mean far more to me than loosing the $10k from the show- so I humbly THANK YOU!!!! ♡:D
      But what I've appreciated The Most is this- "You gave me joy and a desire to create!" which is the Ultimate Compliment ; and who could ask for anything more? :D


  50. Dear Elizabeth, that is such amazing work!! Everything is brilliantly done well! The gas stove light is awesome! It really looked like real. Thank you for sharing your beautiful piece.

    1. Thank You Very Much Pei Li! I am Delighted that you have enjoyed reading this post, because I had a Gas writing it! ;D
      And although I had to drill a hole in the pot, it did the job even better than I expected :D



  51. yummy! Very realistic and thank you for great and lightful ideas

    1. Hello Claude Thank You for your comment and I am Very Glad to see you back on the blog again! I hope that your time away was refreshing as well as energizing because I am looking forward to seeing MORE of your Amazing flower creations! ♡